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British Murders


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Love it

Really good podcast. The interview with Wendy Joseph QC was fascinating.

Great listening

I have binged all seasons in about 4 weeks and love it! Really entertaining and interesting

Nice listen.

I appreciate the easy going approach. And the fact that it's a mixed bag, and also very focused. A really interesting blend. And subtle humour too. Also love the accents Stuart does.


Fantastic podcast! Really enjoying it! Great stories and easy to listen to Thank you so much!


Came across ur podcast a few weeks ago and totally hooked. I'm a few seasons behind but catching up quickly my new go to when I'm out with my dog.


Hands down this show has become my favourite podcast to listen too since discovering it a few weeks ago. Each episode makes me feel as if I am living it due to the dept and detail given. Keep up the great work 👍🏻

Best UK True Crime podcast out there

If you're looking for a UK based true cime podcast look no further. Stuart provides a great insight and context into these chilling cases and he really does his research. I've really liked the guest episodes of late, this is something I'd like to see more of. Keep up the good work Stuart. 5/5 pod.

My new go to crime podcast!

Been a big true crime fan for years and this has become my favourite pod to listen to on the subject. Great to hear about lesser known murders and the easy going nature of the pod makes me feel like I’m sat discussing it over a beer. Keep up the good work!

Best podcast

Love this podcast, great content and so easy to listen to. Keep em coming Stuart

Love it

I love this podcast his voice is so calming and I always have it on in the car on my way to work.

Love this podcast

I normally listen to this podcast on Spotify and have now fully caught up. Being from London myself I enjoy listening to the different ways a northern lad pronounces places. And would love to hear of any more murders you find in Hammersmith or Shepherd’s Bush keep up the great work


This has to be the best murder podcast in my opinion. I may be biased because I’m from leeds but I like the northern accent. Love the special interview episodes. Will definitely be checking out the books recommended. Keep up the good work. And any Leeds cases would be appreciated 😊

Simply Excellent

I can honestly say having this podcast on makes my job more bareable. Gets to the point and I've found some super interesting facts out! Also sent you over an email of some interesting cases!

What can I say that others haven't already? When ever I have a spare 5 minutes to myself I always pop on an episode of British Murders. Each episode is well researched and presented in a factual and concise manner. Stuart's sense of humour is right up my street. Can't wait for the next one. Vickie-Jay


Absolutely my favourite crime podcast, Stuart’s tales of the macabre are engrossing whilst being bite sized enough to listen to on my work commute. Very disappointed that I have now caught up after binging the entire back catalogue, but always look forward to the next instalment.

Great podcast!!

I started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped listening. I really enjoy the format of each episode and of course the accent. Your recent interview episodes have been particular favourites and can’t wait for more of these!!

Great voice

Great voice and story telling, professionally done!


Brilliant podcast! A definite must if your interested in Crime stories.

Perfect blend

Really enjoy this podcast. The host is informative without being dry, and funny without being insensitive. I love hearing a little about the history of the featured city, and the story of the crime is always fascinating without being lurid…not an easy line to walk, but Stuart manages to pull it off. Keep up the good work!

Binging it

I’m really enjoying the podcast. Heard of most of the people involved. Also enjoying the people are commenting on his voice - he is a northern lad what’s not to like.

Best UK crime podcast

You are straight to the point but with plenty of facts, I have heard a lot of cases that I didn't even know existed. Your accent is awesome, your real one, the attempts at other accents are shit mostly haha! Makes me laugh anyway. Shared with all my friends, in groups about true crime uk and with anyone who listens really.

Love the show

A great podcast with interesting stories that I’ve not heard about before. Can’t wait for the future episodes 😁


Excellent show - love your perspective. You show great compassion for the victims. The cases are interesting and l enjoy the'bite-sized' episodes. As my mother was born in Highley Shropshire, may l suggest the case of the kidnapping and murder of Lesley Wittle. Your lively Stuart!

Great find

Really enjoy listening. Feels like a friend is having a chat with you and telling reat stories. Thank you. Also like the daddy tales!

Love this

Very concise & to the point. Stuart doesn’t ramble and gets the job done. Great research and even better accent. Good to hear some more unknown British crimes.

Best Podcast

Love this podcast found it in 2021, and have binged it, short and to the point without missing facts. Highly recomend.

I’m from Sheffield and I’ve seen every episode

Love the accent. And I like the way you present. Keep it up

Amazing Podcast!

90% of the true crime podcasts I find that are good are all based in America. It’s taken me a while to find a British true crime podcast but now that I have I’m so happy! The content and the way he tells the stories of the victims is incredible but also straight to the point. Every now and then, I listen to several during the day while working for home and it’s such a nice break from only American crime (as interesting as that is, I’m British so it’s interesting to hear some stories from closer to home). Love it!

Very informative, interesting and with a touch of humour.

I stumbled across this by pure chance and I’m really pleased that I did. Stuart way of presenting is very informative with a little touch of humour added to lighten what can a times be a very morose and heavy subject. I’m currently working my way through the episodes from old to new, and am really enjoying them. Being a fellow northerner, it’s great to hear ‘the correct’ words used such as tea for an evening meal and moo-a for moor! Thanks, and keep up the excellent work.

Thank you !

Found you on Tiktok at first. Then stumbled on the podcast on spotify. Didnt put it together at first you were the same guy, duh me! I do love your content. Thank you for this