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British Murders


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Amazing podcast! Best around

Stuart recently covered my suggestion which was the Peter Moore episode. Couldn’t have covered it any better, so much detail and and information, thanks mate! (Your Welsh could do with some improving) 😉 keep it up mate 👏🏻

So friendly and Informative!

It is honestly so refreshing to listen to a British podcast that has charisma and friendliness, but focuses on fact and not opinion! I feel like the host is my friend who’s telling me about a case and it’s lovely! Easy to listen to, especially if you like to listen while in bed! Thank you!!

Bite size infoburst

Have been binge listening to the back catalogue, and have enjoyed listening to the growth and evolution of this podcast. I love the short considered presentation & the humour/ personality put into each case. Some of these cases I recall some not so much however really interesting. Thank you for taking the time to research, write and present these cases with compassion.

Awesome Informative Podcast!

Very much enjoy listening to your podcasts! Informative, clear and perfect to listen whist I am on dog walks or doing housework - I actually look forward to doing housework now! I found you via CrimeCon and I really look forward to meeting you in June 2023!

Ex Pat

Having only just started to listen to podcasts in general, I started off by listening to Crime Junkies (an American podcast). Whilst it was good, being American didn't quite work for me...hence my venture into British Murders (I'm an ex-pat from London, living in New Zealand). Love the humour and wit, and of course all the crime. looking forward to catching up on all the back episodes...


Only just found your podcast and already hooked. Listened to a couple randomly but now started from S1Ep1 and working my way through. Nearly finished S1 and so glad I've got plenty to keep me going.

Just perfect

Great podcast. Each episode is long enough to tell the story, but doesn’t go on and on like other podcasts of the same genre. I must admit I have a man crush on Stuart! There. I’ve said it! Keep up the good work!


Absolutely love listening to British murders. It’s written so well and flows amazingly. Plus Stuart character really shines through making it an even easier listen. This was the first podcast I got addicted to and now religiously listen to both this and killer stories and love the collaboration episodes. It is a must listen if you love true crime

Absolutely amazing

Perfect simply perfect I love everything about this show it's amazing stu is an amazing guy who shows incredible respect for the victims familys can't fault him :)

Amazing podcast 100% recommend

My first things to say is thank you for making these amazing episodes they are very good and entertaining I found you after my brother recommended you to me and I have fallen in love with the show ever since the ice breaker segment are so cute and the 5 quick fire facts about the town/city are very good and interesting a story that may be good for a season special is the story of the Yorkshire ripper Peter Sutcliffe again thanks so much for making the podcast can’t wait for more as unfortunately I have now caught up keep up the great work mate

American admirer

Discovered this podcast recently while browsing Spotify and I love it. It is marvelous to me how you give a wonderfully sympathetic, solidly-researched, and yet at moments laugh-out-loud hilarious narrative to these dramatic cases. Since moving away from the U.S. (I live in Chile now) I have become somewhat of an anglophile, and definitely enjoy the accent. Your voice is easy to listen to and I enjoy a couple of episodes after the kids are in bed to help me relax. Side note, I heard you read a review from another american in season 5, episode 2, and I about died laughing--typical american attitude, regrettably, and total bunk lol. Your american accent is on point, fyi.


British Murders is a concise podcast without all the needless faff. Interesting cases, some lesser known ones too. Engaging delivery from Stuart, highly recommended.

All of them

Love the way it's presented without a whole lot of rubbish, jokes etc. Straight to the point and informative.

Easy to listen too.

I love getting out on the ride on lawnmower with my blu-tooth ear-muffs to listen to Stuart while i cut the lawn. Listening to him talking about an British murderer, both one's I have heard of, and others new to me , while mowing away and having a Bundaberg Ginger Beer is a great way to spend a few hours on a sunny Tasmanian afternoon.

Fantastic podcast

I really enjoy this podcast, I listen while travelling to work, great length of the show. A great variety of cases old and new and I really prefer that they are all solved cases. I am now up to date, so enjoying killer stories following your collaboration. Keep up the excellent work !!!

Great Podcast

Hi Love the podcast and have recommended to many friends. Love that it's British cases and enjoy the interview episodes. My suggestion is a case involving a girl i went to high school with, Jayna Hopps in Whitley Bay. Her murderer lived in the next street to me too.

Helps me fall asleep!

I love listening to these to help me fall asleep at night, weird, I know, but Stuart has such a calming voice and makes every episode gripping yet casual! I'd love it if you could find something in kidderminster?

True crime buff's dream podcast

Hello Stuart! I am a true crime buff from the US and I absolutely love your podcast. Many popular cases have been reported on so many times, I started running out of places to source cases I had never heard before. I was looking for a new podcast to listen to while I work my warehouse job, when I found your podcast. Your research is impeccable and you have a great ability to present cases interestingly and with great respect to the victims. Keep up the excellent work, thank you for all you do! (Ps, your accent is top notch and your daughter's accent is so adorable!)

True Crime Buff's dream podcast

I am a true crime buff and I absolutely love your podcast. I am from the US and most true crime shows and podcasts I've either watched or listend to cover cases I'm already familiar with. I started looking for a more broad range of cases to listen to when I stumbled upon your podcast. I started listening while working my night shifts, and haven't been able to stop! Excellent research, great presentation, and I absolutely adore the sound clips of your daughter (so cute!) Thank you for all you do Stuart, can't wait for the next season!


I am working my way through all of the podcasts and I am addicted! I love how Stuart presents them, lots of historical facts and explanations as well as guests. A true diamond in the myriad of crime podcasts!

A new favourite

I'd run out of crime podcasts that hold my interest, so many are scripted to the point of painful to listen too but it's more like a mate telling you about what happened which is a far easier listen on such dark subjects!

Great Show!

As a long time true crime reader, I’m always looking for new podcasts covering the subject. I don’t know how I stumbled over British Murders but I’m very pleased I did. Interesting cases, told in a sensitive and detailed way. Loving the regional accent too, not enough of that in media! Recommending all over the place to friends who are also interested in the subject. Keep up the excellent work!

Fantastic Podcast

Up there with the best true crime podcasts out there, Short episodes & concise, no chit chat, just pure story telling.

Great crime series

Excellent podcast. I enjoy listening to at least one episode a day. Love the accent Stuart, very easy to listen to. Episodes are concise and descriptive. Keep up the good work. Annette, ( from Noosa Queensland)

Love this podcast!

I’ve just starting listening to this, but the episodes are short and snappy, so I’ve just had them on whilst I’m working. Lots of cases I’ve come across before. I too share the morbid fascination as well, but it’s great to hear it delivered so well, and with a wry, Yorkshire sense of humour (it’s not a disrespectful tone though - it’s a defo Northern thing!).

Great to make the work days shorter

I love that you don't go into to much detail out of respect to the victims. Only the important bits and nothing gratuitous. Nice but of comedy to break the ice too. Loved the dad facts or opening comments so I know if I had already heard that episode right off the bat. From Vancouver, Canada!


its brilliant i didn,t know theere was so many evil peaple in britain,i live on my own now tv not good so ii thought id try this and am loveing it,neil lambert colne lanc.

Amazing podcast

Been struggling with school lately and this morbid yet hilarious podcast has been getting me through my days.

Very addictive

I started listening whilst sat working at my desk, the content, murder stories, both famous and unknown are really well read and I love the guest interviews. The great Yorkshire accent is really comfortable to listen to and keeps me interested throughout and as I am binge listening at the mo, its going all day! and that's high praise from a Lancashire Lass. Cheerio!


Excellent podcast. Keep them coming!