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British Murders


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An absolute gem of a show!

This is a gem of a true crime podcast! I’ve been listening for a good while now and really look forward to new episodes having exhausted all of the older ones. Each episode is very well written, Stuart hits the right balance of factual and respectful narrative with a smattering of dark humour that’s needed to not make the story too sombre listening, and all delivered in a lovely lilting northern accent. I love the format of shorter and longer episodes and the interviews are super interesting too. Thanks for making those boring work commutes for more enjoyable!

Thoroughly enjoying!

Found this podcast by chance, now it's my top listened to podcast. Love the icebreakers at the beginning and Stuart's calm and friendly way of explaining his well researched findings. The length of the episodes are just right, short enough for you not to lose interest, long enough to include all the facts. Nice touch at the end of every episode to acknowledge and thank listeners reviews and new patreon members etc. I'm of to buy you a coffee (or2) for covering my suggestion. Cheerio!


I started listening last week and am binge listening. Stuart has a way of telling the stories and keeping listeners engaged. His accents are hilarious and he doesn’t take himself too serious

Well done Stuart

Just come across this podcast a few days ago and it’s really good it makes a change from American crime! Stuart you are doing a great job making listening enjoyable also like it that the episodes aren’t too long. Suggestion for you Mary Bell scotswood child killer I’ve recently read the book which was very interesting

Excellent , listen on Alexa

Great show , first podcast I have ever listen to , even my budgies love it , have you heard of the head that was found on Troon beach located in Scotland

Great podcast

If you like crime this is for you! Wish I found this earlier

Amazing podcast

I started this show around 4weeks ago and it’s brilliant as a trucker from the north east it keeps me occupied on my journeys. Your confidence has come on massively great to here a Yorkshire voice keep them coming also mabe a story on a man called Raoul Moat from the north east thanks Stuart for keeping me sane on my tours of the uk I especially loved your interview with Dr Richard shepherd


Ahhh Stuart, I absolutely adore your podcast, I have a very short attention span, but with your voice and the fact you don’t babble on I can listen to the whole. Episode xx You must have more confidence in you pronunciation of words you do a super job. Your so funny too Thank you so much Stuart Kind regards and sunshine to you Skye Emilino

What a great find!

I stumbled upon your podcast after seeing you on tiktok and i'm so glad i did. Most podcasts of true crime seem geared towards the US so its so refreshing that Britain is featured with this fascinating podcast. I love the mix of historical and more recent cases as well as the straightforward approach in your delivery of facts and stats!

Absolutely great!

A lot of good humour, great background information and obviously great cases! Thanks!

Most Interesting Podcast Ever

I love this podcast. I listen to it every day in my car if I can. I’ve got a lot of episodes to catch up on, which is fantastic for me as I can’t get enough of them. So many murders have happened that I had no idea about or knew very little of, but now I feel like I can actually recite what happened when talking to my friends and family about it, if they want to of course. Thank you Stuart for making my day to day journeys more bearable. Keep up the fantastic work.

Love it!

Found this podcast when looking for something about British murders... I had been indulging in American ones previously... I have been binging this for a while now, on my drives to and from work via Spotify... and I am loving it! So many I never knew about, and some I remember hearing about! And I got to say, your voice is far easier to listen to than alot of podcasts out there! I'd love to hear more about some from the 90's and 00's! Especially ones which had been in the papers! Keep up the good work!!!

Love it!

Stumbled across this podcast a a few days ago, made my 5 hour drive from London to Carlisle and then the return, go really quickly. Absolutely adore the Daddy Facts jingle and all your waffling before the start of the main story

Exceptional True Crime Podcast

Since its creation, my wife and I have followed this podcast avidly. The episodes are well-researched, concise and engaging. Bluesy’s dulcet northern twang has a hypnotising effect and it is the perfect podcast to unwind to (minus the night terrors.)

Love listening to podcasts. As i write this review i am working my way through all episodes. Love the dad facts and your narration of each case. Well done and keep up the good work.


As a criminology tutor I recommend this to students to look at the background of specific crimes. I like the quick, no nonsense approach as it means I can binge a couple of episodes in a dog walk

Stuart blues is the enthusiastic friend

His delivery is so laid back and respectful whilst he still manages to deliver the most disturbing cases

Absolutely spot on in every way

As so many before me have said….discovered your podcast by accident. Was hooked immediately by Daddy Facts but your programs have had me in your grip sense. Your style, your research, your presentation are all, just, well, superb. Stay with it, even if you do have a self admitted short attention span.

I've listened to a lot of true crime podcasts and this is my favorite. The host is fantastic. Great storytelling, wonderful humor and a voice that you can't get enough of. I'm addicted. "Cheerio"

Great find on Spotify

Can’t believe I missed this on Spotify until now. Love the presentation; I find the crime podcasts which are jokey and veer off course a real turn-off. British Murders is respectful and the story is well told. The episodes where Stuart interviews writers and experts involved in criminal justice, really interesting. Currently my number one podcast!


Found this podcast last week.It’s now my second favourite and I follow loads.Going through them all.Nice soothing voice and some excellent cases being done.Cheers Stuart 👍🏻

What a gem!

So glad to have stumbled across this little gem of a podcast. Love the content. I can even forgive the toe curling attempts at accents. Keep it coming mate. Henry

Love it!

I thought I was the only person with this macabre interest! Really enjoy the diversity of Stuart’s stories; each one different and interesting! I would like to suggest the murder of Lee Duffy- a small town bad boy, who’s life choices ended in his untimely death. Thanks Stuart! Keep it up! One of the best out there!

Love it!

I thought I was the only person with this macabre interest! Really enjoy the diversity of Stuart’s stories; each one different and interesting! I would like to suggest the murder of Lee Duffy- a small town bad boy, who’s life choices ended in his untimely death. Thanks Stuart! Keep it up! One of the best out there!

Great podcast!

I found British Murders while browsing for podcasts featuring, well, British murders, and I'm hooked. As an American, I enjoy learning about the cases we don't typically hear about over here. Love the humor, the haiku, and the Dad fact (the intro to Dad Facts is adorable). Stuart's accent is relaxing and the perfect addition. Currently working my way through all of the episodes. Keep up the good work! May I suggest an episode about a case set in Bath? My favorite trip to the UK included a quick trip to Bath, and it would be interesting to hear about the macabre side of that city.

Keep up the great work!

I know I’ve already reviewed on FaceBook but I honestly, Stuart is brilliant especially now we’re coming to the end of S3 I really feel he’s found his groove with the format and I love the Dad Card Facts. Your accents are ok-ish and you are really funny in places, I reckon if I met you in a pub we’d have a grand night out!

Engaging and fascinating

Started listening to this podcast yesterday. Can't help giggling at the accents and side comments made! Absolutely brilliant host, very engaging!

My go to podcast

Absolutely love listening to this podcast! Love that it’s not just well known murders and you get to listen and learn about the less publicised murders. Love loading the podcast app to see a new episode. You’re doing great and please keep them coming 😊

Amazing podcast

Very good still in season 4 but binging it when i can keep up the great work 👍👍

Thank you

Hi Stuart. Just a quick thank you. I found you completely by fluke whilst scrolling through various pod casts via Amazon Music. As I work a twelve hour three on, three off shift rota, I find you to be great company. Sometimes you just don't want more music. I'm really new to pod casts, and have tried just a few, with which I became quickly bored, until British Murders... Who would have known we had so many murderers on our small island. The shows are really well researched and narrated. The stories are fact filled and not too drawn out. The interviews are excellent, I have just bought Shay Doyles book. I also enjoy the collaborations (I have started listening to Bobbie now also) As I am working my way through the seasons I hear your own confidence growing. Very professional mate, keep them coming. (Something from Nottingham perhaps) I'm off to buy you a beer now. Enjoy the beer, it's well deserved. Keep em coming all the best.