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March 30, 2023

Larry Gene Bell | The Murders of Shari Smith and Debra Helmick | Feat. Bobbie Holmes

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In this off-season episode, I'm joined by Bobbie Holmes of Killer Stories, who tells me (and you) the story of American double murderer Larry Gene Bell.


Larry Gene Bell kidnapped 17-year-old Shari Smith on May 31, 1985, and murdered her shortly after. He then taunted Shari's family by making several phone calls and forcing Shari to write them a letter before she was killed.


A couple of weeks later, Larry kidnapped 9-year-old Debra Helmick and murdered her in a similar fashion. Once more, he taunted Shari's family after doing so.


After his arrest on June 27, 1985, Larry Gene Bell was given the death penalty. He chose the electric chair over lethal injection and was finally executed on October 4, 1996.


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Intro music:

David John Brady - 'Throw Down the Gauntlet'


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Bobbie hosts 'Killer Stories', an independent true crime podcast.