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Jan. 6, 2022

Scary Movie (2000) | Movie Review feat. Once Upon A Nightmare

In this off-season episode, I am once again chatting to my good friend Lorraine from the horror movie podcast 'Once Upon a Nightmare'.⁣⁣
This episode was actually recorded for Lorraine’s podcast, but we had such a fun time, so I thought I’d bring the episode across here so you can all give it a listen.⁣
This movie was a staple of my childhood and I still quote it daily.⁣
Lots and lots of laughs were had.⁣

You can find and support 'Once Upon a Nightmare' here:

Intro music:
David John Brady - 'Throw Down the Gauntlet'

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Cloud Microphone Cloudlifter CL1:
Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface:
Rode PSA-1 Professional Studio Boom Arm:

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DaVinci Resolve 17

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Lorraine PurdonProfile Photo

Lorraine Purdon

Podcast Host

Lorraine hosts 'Once Upon a Nightmare', an independent horror movie podcast and 'American Murder Stories', an independant true crime podcast focusing on North, Central and South American murder cases.