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Dec. 30, 2021

Kristy Sumner (Paranormal Investigator) | Special Guest Interview

In this very special episode of British Murders, I welcome Florida-based paranormal investigator Kristy Sumner to the show.⁣
In 2014, Kristy along with her sisters and friends formed the Soul Sisters Paranormal team.⁣

The team have travelled all across America in order to investigate supposed haunted locations.⁣

In a unique combination of true crime and the paranormal, this episode sees Kristy tell me the stories of 3 infamous American murder cases followed by her experiences in each of the respective murder houses.⁣

This episode is a fairly long one compared to my usual content, but it’s one I’m extremely proud of. I hope you stick with it to the end.⁣

The cases covered are:
1. Kate "Ma" Barker and the Barker-Karpis Gang
2. Lizzie Andrew Borden and the Fall River axe murders
3. The Villisca axe murders

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David John Brady - 'Throw Down the Gauntlet'

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Kristy Sumner Profile Photo

Kristy Sumner

Paranormal Investigator

Kristy, along with her twin sister Jenny, is one of the primary investigators of the Soul Sisters Paranormal team.