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March 25, 2021

S02E05 | Harpreet Aulakh | The Murder of Geeta Aulakh

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I tell the story of Harpreet and Geeta Aulakh in this episode.


Harpreet, or "Sunny" as he was more commonly known, was careful to ensure he had an alibi on November 16, 2009.


That evening, Sunny had organised the murder of his wife, Geeta Aulakh.


The other individuals involved in the murder were Sher Singh (Geeta's killer), Harpreet Singh (the getaway driver) and Jaswant Dhillon (Sunny's enforcer).


All four men received life sentences, with a minimum term of 28 years for Sunny and 22 years for Sher, Harpreet and Jaswant.


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David John Brady - 'Throw Down the Gauntlet'⁣⁣



“New Scotland Yard Files: The Murder of Geeta Aulakh” (S01E09)