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Oct. 27, 2022

Hawley Harvey Crippen | The Murder of Cora Crippen | Feat. Zevon Odelberg from Kinda Murdery

In this mid-season episode, I'm joined by Zevon Odelberg of Kinda Murdery, who will tell me (and you) the story of Hawley Harvey Crippen.


Dr Crippen, or Dr Devil's Breath, was an American homoeopath charged with murdering his wife, Cora "Belle" Crippen, in London in 1910.


Scotland Yard found the torso of a human body at Crippen's house in Holloway, and it was identified as Cora's, despite it being headless, limbless and boneless.


Crippen was hanged for the murder on November 23, 1910, but a recent case review shows that mitochondrial DNA confirms that the remains were not those of Cora Crippen.


The Court of Appeal refused to hear the case to pardon Crippen posthumously.


Zevon also discusses the 2019 murder of Adrian Murphy by Joel Osei and Diana Cristea.


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