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Oct. 14, 2021

S04E03 - David Chenery-Wickens (The Murder of Diane Chenery-Wickens)

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In the third episode of British Murders Season 4, I tell the story of David and Diane Chenery-Wickens.⁣

In January 2008, David reported Diane as missing to the police after the pair travelled by train from West Sussex to London.⁣

Diane was a makeup artist and had a meeting at the BBC’s headquarters, but she never showed up.⁣

It was later revealed that David had in fact made the trip to London alone, having killed his wife 2 days earlier.⁣

Diane’s body was found 4 months later in a woodland area near the railway where David was a volunteer.⁣

David was handed a life sentence in March 2009 with a minimum term to serve of 18 years.⁣

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