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March 13, 2023

Interview #26 | Danni Brooke (Former Undercover Cop)

I welcome former undercover cop Danni Brooke to the show in this interview episode.⁣

For over a decade, Danni was one of the most effective female undercover cops in the UK, one of a minimal number of women in the Met’s elite unit. She was so successful at taking down criminals that she was seconded to forces around the country.

Whether infiltrating organized crime gangs or disrupting drug supply lines, Danni played the innocent Essex girl, fooling even the most suspicious villains, using her quick wits to keep her out of trouble. She loved the job, but the pressures of her work and trying to balance the long hours with being a mother, were to take a toll on her personal life.

Now retired as a police officer, Danni has enjoyed a successful television career and is booked as a keynote speaker for various corporate events.

Danni is also famed for her role as a Hunter on 'Hunted' and 'Celebrity Hunted' for Channel 4.

In her memoir, 'The Girl for the Job', Danni reveals why she left the police, how she found a new career (and love) on C4’s 'Hunted', and why the thrill of covert work still pulls her into private investigations.

'The Girl for the Job' was released on March 2, 2023, and is available to purchase here:

The Girl for the Job | Pan Macmillan

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