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Feb. 10, 2022

S05E03 - Colin Hatch (The Murder of Sean Williams)

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In the third episode of British Murders Season 5, I tell the story of Colin Hatch.⁣
On July 19, 1993, 21-year-old paedophile Colin Hatch snatched 7/8-year-old Sean Williams outside Norfolk Close tower block.⁣

Colin sexually assaulted Sean in the bedroom of his flat before suffocating him to death with a plastic bag, placing his body inside two bin bags and leaving it in the tower block's elevator.
He was handed a life sentence on January 28, 1994, by Judge Nina Lowry, but no minimum term to serve was set.

Colin Hatch was murdered on February 22, 2011, by fellow inmate Damien Fowkes at HMP Full Sutton.

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