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Oct. 7, 2021

S04E02 - Anthony Antoniou (The Murder of Walter McCarthy)

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In the second episode of British Murders Season 4, I tell the bizarre story of Anthony Antoniou and Walter McCarthy.⁣

In the early 1990s, Antoniou began a relationship with up-and-coming UK singer-songwriter Gabrielle.⁣

They were together for three years, but Antoniou decided to leave the R&B star on the same day their son was born - April 16, 1995.⁣

In December 1995, Antoniou and his friend Timothy Redhead drove his stepfather Walter McCarthy to the Derbyshire Peak District.⁣

Whilst pulling into a layby, Antoniou stabbed Walter 52 times with a commando knife before decapitating him with a Japanese ceremonial sword.⁣

Antoniou was handed a life sentence in March 1997 but only served 14 years behind bars.⁣

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