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Dec. 22, 2022

Jelka Pesic, Milan Nenadic and David Segoviano | The Murder of Alexandra Pesic | Feat. Bobbie Holmes

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In the sixth volume of Killer British Murder Stories, Bobbie Holmes of Killer Stories tells me the story of Alexandra Pesic's murder.


Former beauty queen and dental assistant Alexandra met a fellow Yugoslavian woman named Jelka Pesic whilst attending an open house with her mum in Vancouver, Canada.


Alexandra was soon introduced to Jelka's son, Joe, and the pair went on to marry.


Jelka was an overbearing "monster-in-law", making life extremely difficult for Alexandra. Finally, things got so bad that Alexandra divorced Joe and was granted custody of their son, Brandon.


Inspired by the plot of a true crime book focusing on the murder case of Cindy James, Jelka planned the murder of Alexandra with the help of hitmen Milan Nenadic and David Segoviano.


Jelka, Milan and David all received life sentences for Alenxadra's murder, which equates to 25 years in Canada.


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