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Shay Doyle

Former Soldier / Former Police Officer / Author

Shay is a former British soldier and police officer whose career spanned 17 years and was one of the UK's chosen few Level 1 undercover operatives.

Posing as a professional criminal, he came face to face with some of Britain's most dangerous gangsters and was part of a hand-picked team chosen to hunt down the now-convicted murderer Dale Cregan.

After being medically discharged from the police in 2020, Shay is now a mental health advocate working alongside professionals and organisations to tackle the stigma attached to mental health in high-risk and high-pressure roles.

He is also a passionate activist against gun, gang and knife crime.

March 3, 2022

Shay Doyle Interview | Former Soldier and Police Officer

In this remarkable episode of British Murders, I welcome former British soldier and police officer Shay Doyle to the show.⁣ Shay'…

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