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Jan. 13, 2022

"The 'Dexter' Copycat Killer" Mark Andrew Twitchell | Killer British Murder Stories Vol. 4 Feat. Bobbie Holmes

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In the fourth volume of Killer British Murder Stories, I am told the story of Mark Twitchell by Bobbie Holmes of Killer Stories Podcast.

Twitchell was convicted of first-degree murder on April 12, 2011, for the murder of Johnny Altinger.

He was handed a life sentence with a minimum term to serve of 25 years.

This case is notorious because Twitchell claims to have been inspired by fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan, the protagonist of the 'Dexter' book series and TV show.

This is the second of two collaboration episodes Bobbie and I recently recorded. To hear me tell the story of Penelope Jackson, check out Killer Stories.

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