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Nov. 17, 2022

S07E08 | Luke Mitchell | The Murder of Jodi Jones

In the eighth episode of season 7, I tell the story of Luke Mitchell and Jodi Jones.


This incredibly divisive case began on June 30, 2003, when 14-year-old Jodi Jones was brutally murdered on an isolated footpath in Dalkeith, Scotland.


Fellow 14-year-old Luke Mitchell, Jodi's boyfriend, was the one who found her body, and the police treated him as their key suspect from the very beginning.


On February 11, 2005, Luke was found guilty of murdering Jodi and handed a life sentence with a minimum term of 20 years.


Luke has continued to proclaim his innocence and insists that someone else was responsible for murdering Jodi.


Those on Luke's side have praised a recent Channel 5 documentary focusing on the case, but those who believe he is guilty have criticised it for being too heavily biased and for omitting key evidence.


Intro music:⁣

David John Brady - 'Throw Down the Gauntlet'⁣⁣


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Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone

Cloud Microphone Cloudlifter CL1

Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface

Rode PSA-1 Professional Studio Boom Arm


Recorded and Edited in:⁣

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